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Patient Testimonials

I’ve been dealing with keratoconus and dry eyes for 20 years and despite 3 corneal transplants, several different doctors, and various eye drops and medications, I still couldn’t see well enough to drive and my eyes felt horrible. It was an answer to a prayer when I came across Dr Reinders and Complete Family Eye Care. From the first appointment, Dr Reinders and his staff have treated me with more compassion and kindness than I’ve ever experienced with any eye doctor before. They’ve taken time to explain my options and answer my questions and have been so patient as they’ve worked to fit me with scleral lenses. It has been so refreshing after years of doctors telling me I’m being too sensitive or that I should be happy they can get my sight to 20/50, to finally have a doctor who is determined to improve my sight and eye comfort as much as possible. I highly, highly recommend this place. My only complaint is why couldn’t I have found them 20 years ago?!!

Carrie Bastyr